The never ending Birthday Part 3

This was the main even. Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Banana Leaf in Milpitas.
It was a surprise in that I did not know the restaurant beforehand nor who would be attending.
The wine was great! The company was better!
Jackie was the restaurant host, our friend at the restaurant for the last 11 years.
The food was the best, starting with the Roti.

The second surprise was the asian lady at the next table celebrating her 60th birthday also. We shared a saki shot together.

Let’s see if I can get the guest list:
Maggie and Megan
Gary and Kathryn W
John and Debbie K
Randy and Edie E
Mark and Suzanne L
Natalee M
Doug and Marina and Carmen K
David K
Jay K
Cathy D (CMD)
Craig and Susie M
Chris and Tara (TRK) P with Declan!
Dillon K (DTK)
Dustin K (DMK)
Dan W
And yours truly – TEK


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