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The Giants win the Pennant.


Game 7 of the World Series.

I meet DMK at St. John’s where it was half price burger night.

The place was packed and as the innings progresses became standing room only.

Bumgarner in at the end of the game was historic.

We all chanted “let’s go Giants”. With two outs in the 9th and the outfielder boots the ball! Just a little bit of excitement there.



The sirians vs the Iranians, should we abandon this match before it starts?


Joe D is one of the few referees that could pull off this match.

Both coaches approached joe and said if anything happens please abandon the match.

Kirk and I were there for support however we mad few decisions as joe had the best seat and the best calls.

The final score was three to two with 20 players on the field. (Two were sent off. One from each team. Both for sfp).


Hien is in town so we celebrate


It was a grand meal at banana leaf for Hien.

It was the last event in my never ending birthday. As many that did not attend my 60th could attend this dud ranch event.

We did have another bottle of Justin from paso Robles form the wine list and it was delicious.

Afterwords we saw travel photos at the dud ranch.


Kick or treat is a lot of soccer games


I had six games in the tournament.

An early match was with these two young referees, Samir and Jamie.

The matches were generally uneventful.


JC college match was a blow out.


Manny did an excellent job in the middle. Gosh that guy is in shape.

I had a ton of offside to call. Mufaro had somewhat fewer calls at the other end of the field.


Panera bread is the first location for my first apple pay use


I got Apple pay set up on my iPhone last night.

I was in the future and the process was simple.

I ordered a sandwich at the counter.


Placed my phone over top of the NFC reader.

The phone automatically shoot to charge and asked me to place my finger on the fingerprint recognition.

I did so and the sandwich was paid for.

As I sat at the table waiting for the sandwich to be delivered I checked my bank account.

The complete charge already showed on my card as a transaction.


Another beautiful day in San Francisco


Went by Beach chalet for sunset drinks. It was a beautiful sunset lighting up the sunset District of San Francisco.


How to make a better me


One of my limitations at my last job was my inability to get cases closed.

I worked hard but the company thought I was not effective in getting the job done in that I could not answer the case questions without relying on other people.

First men’s amateur match of the season


Got to work with Victor and Dan in this match. They are two of my favourite referees to work with.

We did have disagreement on deflections and offsides.


Sunday soccer. This weekend all div 1 matches


These were good match is on a Sunday morning.

Hussein and santaj were good support.