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Cirque dreams holidaze was first play of the season


Kind of an entertainment variety show.

Fun, the rope jumpers were amazing.

Music well was week.



Late in evening PSL match


The Portuguese against the Palo Alto young bloods.

I had trouble with the Portuguese. Lots of complaining.

With a red card for sfp the match was a challenge!

Jeff P and Rob S were great help during and after the match.

District Cup in Morgan hill


Andreas was a fine young referee today. Julian was an adult referee from the Central Valley that did well.

The games were simple and fun.


Learning Git lately


Access to my first GitHub repository today.

The proceed with the learning, a recommended learning tool is

Humana president visits Campbell office in San Jose likes the visuals he sees


Bruce spent two hours in Campell the other day.

I first ran into him as I step on the elevator to start my day he and Dave we’re going up to the fifth floor and I had a chance to give my thirty second elevator speech.

In his tour around the office a few hours later he was captivated by the visuals on the monitors in the support area.

The visuals were created by me to show the throughput and performance of our product.

It was nice to get recognized for that hard work.


Era marker at a gas station


Yup. There is the vehicle, vintage 2000.

And there is the gas price, 2.99 per gallon!

Predicting that photo cannot happen again in so many ways.


Men’s amateur assessment as an AR


Justin Y was in the center and did s great game. Manny was the other AR in a match involving his old team, maratimo.

Justin did such a good job on the match that it was almost not rateble.

Brad had more feedback for me than any other referee on the match.

My hat was the wrong color white instead of black.

I signaled while moving. I can’t recall doing this but it may have happened.

Substitutes entered the field too early.

My sideways running mechanics prevented me from keeping up with the speed of the players. Because of this angle I missed an offside condition.

To be clear I thought I had a good game and I do not agree with each points above.

Justin is a great referee on his way to becoming a national and it was a pleasure working with him in this match.

Modern times in mobile phones and finance.


I had my annual financial check up with my financial advisor today and things just kinda clicked on several technology fronts.

During the meeting I had to gain access to several financial resources.

I brought out my iPhone 6 and thought – how can I get access to that account?

Lastpass? Well yes. Brought up lastpass and it now accepts finger print on the iPhone and viola I’m on my way.

I was able to complete the transaction there in my financial advisors office from my iPhone. It was such a conscience moment.

Prior to this I would have been asked to complete the paper work at home and it probable would have never got done ! Thank you iPhone 6!

Arcona pizza in Danville for after refereeing get together


The beer and pizza were great.

Michael watched the Cal game.

I got to camp are hair dos with Jesse and Danny told stories.

Nice wind down after a day of refereeing.



A day of refereeing in mustang


I worked twice with Wyatt who was eager to learn and with Jack who did great in a simple game.

No real stories from this day on the pitch.