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Bacci in Healdsburg for dinner and wine


Six for dinner tonight. I tried the cappino. Very good as predicted. Has the twomai sav blanc and the Preston barbara which were excellent.

The dinner count was down from last year to three couples just like our original year in 2000. Yes the event has been going on for 15 years now.

Kathryn points out that was the year she and Gary were married.





Saturday winery tour near Windsor


Stopped off at a few wineries south of Windsor.
The first was Russian Hill winery. The house by Russian Hill winery is a reproduction of the plantation Tara From gone with the wind.

The Pinot in the picture is one of the best I’ve tried.



The second winery is Robert Rue.

A small family run winery. We got to meet the family were the only people in the winery that day. Wines for average for a Sonoma wine country wine.


This could be the best not special events day of my life and yes it included soccer.


We all know the special days of our life. Graduations, weddings, child birthings and grandchild birthings.

Heck my recent 60th birthday celebration with 26 people was a pretty damn good day and event.

However outside those special events some days are good for kinda randomly occurring reasons and some days are bad mostly based on circumstances outside our control.

Today was perhaps the best day of my life as far as circumstances go.

At work I used a coworker’s product bug fix to eliminate a major cause of missing orders at our single largest customer. Applying the bug fix and seeing the result was was reward enough.

However the customer’s top technical person called me out as the person responsible for finding and applying the fix at the customer.

I was already on a high.

But today I had my second event. It was a rare varsity boys middle. My second and perhaps last varsity boys middle of the season.

I get to Andrew hills high school and meet Francisco and Moise my referee team. Francisco I had worked with once before. It was nice to meet Moise for the first time.

The home coach approached me to explain this match was between two teams with bad history and the match meant something to the teams as they were the first and second place teams in there league.

Andrew hill high school is in one of the shadier neighborhoods in San Jose. Mt. Pleasant high school was heavily Spanish also.

I provided my pregame instructions to my referee team and started planning for the worst as the growing crowd became larger as the modern pop music blared over the speaker system.

The match starts. This is a high energy match. The fouls I call are deliberately calculated to set a tone.

The boys accept the boundaries.

The players are counting fouls and they tell me when it was a second or third foul by a player. I’m counting too. The help is nice 😄.

I manage my way through the scoreless first half without having to recognize any misconduct.

At half time I talk with the site administrator for the high school. He assures me he has teachers in the stands for crowd control and there is a police officer just outside the stadium.

He snaps the following picture of the referee team.


The second half started off with several misconducts the first being a deliberate off the ball attacker kick/trip of a defender in the penalty area.

Pleasant hill scored twice which put more pressure on the home team.

The cautions came out for PI and some tactical fouls.

The crowd and the coaches had opinions on a attacher down in the box with no call.

The game ended and what a game it had been.

Several boys who were mortal enemies moments before at the ending whistle walked up to each other and shook hands and hugged.

By the way. This is every referees dream. The respectful intermingling of the opponents after a hard fought battle.

Both coaches complemented me on how I had called a fair match. A rarity in such high stakes matches.

This was perhaps one of the best refereed match of my career.

Yes it had been a stellar day.

Varsity girls match with referee with my own name sake


I always have a great time with Tom R.

Tom made some nice calls including a head numb foul in the first 15 seconds!


Varsity girls match at TAK. Easy matches now days.


Kenny L was the middle and Don B was the other at on this simple match.

I had a girl waiting for for a sub tell me you really look like you like refereeing. I said the equivalent of you like playing soccer don’t you?


Ruby hill winery in Livermore for investment advice.


Investment event tonight at Ruby Hill winery. Very nice venue. The presenter, Christian, was Italian. If you want to understand debt, being Italian is a very good start as by some measures they have the third largest national debt in the world. And the meal and the wine (Chardonnay and Cabernet)? delicious!

It seems one of the privileges of participating in a brokerage firms manages funds is to get investment advice over dinner. This time at ruby hill winery in Livermore.

Dinner was surf and turf.

The estate is beautiful. The wine was ok but not great.



Magic show is fun again and then there is food too!


Will Chandler sets up a great magic awards show.

Nice meal beforehand one sicken one fish for CMD and I.


Association cup finals in Elk Grove


I had one match. A u13 boys match. It was a great match. Several calls to make with great fan participation and good youth ars.

Ben S and Paula S were great assistance on the match.


The second match I had was as a fourth official with a lopsided result. Rowan was the middle. National referee Vince was ar1 and Ben S was ar2. Doug S d&ged on the match.


Girls varsity match at Leland HS.


Scott was the center and Chris was the AR in this easy to referee match.

My old referee friend Clint was the coach for the opponent Wilcox team.

Chris had had Brian Hall referee some of his matches when he was in HS!


Sam’s chowder food truck comes to Hamilton ave


I shared a lobster with Andrew it was delicious.

The french fries have the old kind of old bay bay seasoning.