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Guys and dolls. So much fun. 


The actors had so much energy in this play. I think that I really want to see the movie with Marlon Brando after the great job they did in this presentation.


Cultural diversity mixer, we get to meet the actors 


this party on Saturday evening before the play is always fun.

This time the actors had a competition to see who could do lipsink best. 

The food was good as always. And the wine was from the wineries we take to that earlier in the day.

The mayor of talent Oregon was there and marina had a longer reception line than the mayor. 

Oregon wine tasting


we stopped off at two Oregon Valley Southern Oregon winery.

The first Haddow wine call druids fluid the winery name was Troone. 

The second winery was Woodridge which overlooking the valley. we had a long conversation there while eating yellow gold fished. 

First Shakespeare play of the weekend a modernized version of Much To Do about nothing


funny but Shakespeare is always hard for me to follow and get the jokes. 

The actors were very good.  

Bambu Asian fusion in Medford?


Doug and Marina’s favorite restaurant.  We had coconut shrimp for appetizer. 

I tried the bubbly saki which made me feel like I was having champagne. 

For the main meal we had lamb and opa fish with prawns. Both specials on the menu.  

Day three On blackcomb glacier


The third day was probably the best day skiing.

The conditions were sunny and runs were groomed. 

Sking day two blackcomb the blow hole and the glacier. 


Yes I got the ski the blowhole the second day at the top of blackcomb glacier. 

Thanks Frank and DMK for the pictures.

Dinner night one at whistler, Mongolian bbq 


Irene picked the place.  We all had a great time creating our own meal. 

Results were delicious. 

Asian Lunch on whistler mountain 


The pop stickers were great!

Day one skiing at whistler


first day concentrated on the whistler side. 

No snow for weeks but at the top there was enought snow to have a little fun on the eye of the needle.