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structured vs unstructured data growth, the sign that big data is the future


This visualization has stuck with me for some time. Structured data growth is booming. And it won’t stop.

For more words see the source of this graphic at



MVLA Spring league starts


this was a good under 15 boys game. 

Lots of energy on the field a couple of key calls to let the boys know that they could play safely and then the game got exciting with the pony cake two minutes from the end of regulation on a handball. 

Sean and Bob were good support making it easy for me the center to get the most all the calls correct. 


Dinner at la fiesta in Mountain View


Facebook said it’s been a year since we ate at la fiesta Mexican restaurant in Mountain View.

The food here is great, I had the mole chicken today. CMD had a taco combination.

Drinks and beer are colorful and cheap here here.

Drinks and beer are colorful and cheap here here here.

I hope it’s not another year until we visit here again.


Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina. The view and lunch. 


the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina was the opening for the new combined company Trandscend Insights a wholy owned subsidiary of Humana. 

The view for a day at the resort. Great. 

The lunch at the event. Great. Swordfish and fresh salads. 



Late dinner at la zarape restaurant. The official location


the top of the board was the scallop and fish tacos so I tried them and they were delicious. 

Luis Carlos talked about his research and how long he might stay in San Diego. He had a burrito. 

Silvia is looking to house sit or care give for a few years. I forget what she ordered. 



Balboa park happy hour at the prado restaurant


After a walk around looking a buildings and street magicians and a easy going Sunday afternoon crowd. Silvia and I stopped for drinks at the prado restaurant bar area. 

Silvia had a corona and I tried the not fruity enough savioung blanc. My second glass of wine was a much better Pinot noir. 



The Rok in San Jose for dinner 


ah it was a hot rock and meat event. 

This is a fairly fancy restaurant with a great way of serving meat. Tonight it was beef and chicken. 

The desert was tasty. Chocolate fondue. 



Asia pearl for dim sum


it was a father and son Sunday brunch is dum sum at Asia pearl in Fremont. 

Rudy got to visit with DMK and Paul and I got to talk whatever Paul wanted to talk about. 

The steamed pork buns were good as was the haukou and sumou. 

The specialty items Paul ordered didn’t work out well. 


John the car mechanics fresh salmon dinner was delicious. 


John my car mechanic, caught a large salmon one weekend and gave me a piece of it when I was having my car repaired. 

CMD and I prepared the beatiful peice of meat for dinner and it was delicious with a salad and wine. 


Dinner at the Agape grill


susie was our host and Alan served the Hercules wine. 

Yes the lamb shank was delicious.

It was another great night at the agape grill.