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Declan turns one


stoppedby at Chris and TRK on Declan’s first birthday. 

He is nearly walking. 

I gave him his dinosaur birthday card and had a wonderful meal there for dinner. 

Lynn getting ready for the celebration also. 

Watching the Warriors win in overtime. Priceless. 



The best weekend


The best weekend is not always the perfect weekend.

Here are a list of things that made this the best weekend. 

1) sushi at a new restaurant

2) officiating at eight soccer matches. These were in Ripon. 

3) watching the earthquakes play at their new stadium and they one!

4) putting the grandson to bed

5) helping Chris get the porcelain fixture working. 

6) dmk and dtk together on the road in Belfast. 

Life couldn’t be better. And I couldn’t be tireder. That good tired that lets you know that you were busy. And I love it. 

Second visit to the Rok with the God Son


drinks with Natalee and Jair and CMD. 

We started with the professors beer which came in a bottle the size of a wine bottle. 

I had the buffalo. The first time I ever tried something like that. Yes it was good!

Jair had the steak and the girls had salmon and a beef bowl. 

And the the chocolate fondue dessert was yummy. 

We could have talked for ever talking about friends and adventures.