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Html tips and tricks I’m using for my current project


I like this reference for a condensed explanation of valid HTML syntax for a URL:

This is my choice on how to keep a image fresh through refresh as it has a refresh on error:

This explanation I’m still studying. It shows how to have the minimal effect of caches during image refresh:

Here is a javascript way of reloading the image:

And how to build a proper gallery from stackoverflow:

1D concert at Levi’s from afar


from the garage roof. 

It worked out fine as a free concert. The great America fireworks are annoying. 


Women’s World Cup, the view from Keri. 


Great quotes from Keri sietz from her trainer experience. 

Bottom analysis is Julie Johnston should have been sent off for a Dogso. 

Wow. That would have changed the whole World Cup. She would not have played in the final. 


Did the right team win? USA vs Germany. 


I’ve become a fan of Julie Johnston. I agree with Alexi Lalas that she is the player of the tournament for the USA  She is the player that keeps the USA back line solid and she can attack too!   But now the USA is playing Germany and she is the next to last defender when she pulls the Germany attacker down in the box.  Johnston must be sent if.  But wait. The referee is cautioning her. Why?