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Mustang stamped girls


Easy games mad hard? Gill was in the center Andy and I were support. 

I made the next match easier by calling fewer fouls.  Four I think the entire match. 



Three great referee teams at ballistic


These were competitive boys games.

I had three great crews to work with.
In the first one Isaac made it easy for us. Suhania was from sac and had been to regionals. 

In the second match I made it easy for Victor and Albert. 

And then in the third match Mr. Nevens did a great job on the under 17 boys game with Michael as the other AR. 


Mission springs pizza and beer with Paul. 


I’ve not hung out with Paul for a while.

But Paul was in the area working on the booties you purchase so we met up at Mission Pizza. 

The andromeda galaxy is remains my favorite pizza. 


Matches in San Ramon


i got to work with nick in the u19B final. Great game and nick did a great job. 

I worked the u16 boys final after that. Not as great a game however I had a lot of fun.