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Spent the weekend scanning slides


Spent the weekend scanning slides.

Should have read this first:


Things in 2015 that show just how far we’ve come technology wise


Here is my list of technologies that had the most influence in 2015

  1. encryption on a smart phone.
  2. voice recognition in Cortana, Google voice and Siri. Siri is finally understanding me much better.
  3. google photos metadata i.e. person, place and object recognition.

Honorable mention:

  1. Containerization manifest with Docker. Amazing technology.

Removing all the BS, the essence of Modern encryption and how about, as a solution, let’s outlaw math


Why is encryption effective? Keep it simple.

Well the roots of encryption is math and in particular prime numbers. Go here for a great, simple explanation of the bases of modern cryptography. Let’s outlaw math.

So now we understand encryption, how does Apple and the iPhone, well really IOS handle encryption? Ah, here is where IOS leaps ahead of Android. These are smart people at Apple and they describe how IOS is secure. IOS Security Guide.

When I find or someone can point me to the Android security guide, I’ll post it here.

Found it, the Android security page. Android Security Guide

Swift in a browser


So cool. Now anyone can program in a browser in swift!

Swift in a Browser

Another payoff of the IBM partnership with Apple.