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Really neat way to show visualizations of cause of death, baby names and how people spend their day


This article captures how to show data interactively and fun way.

He explains how to build such a visual also.


Security Camera remote access


Trying to find the right article to remote access a security camera.

This CNET article is a good start.

This one helps

Contact management in 2016


I have all my contacts on Yahoo and have for years. Yahoo’s features have worked for me however the service has become dated and does not have some of the more modern look and feel.

However I use the contact features of Apple IOS, mainly facetime and texting string and now photos for contact.

So I’m studying how to maintain these two systems and am considering converting my Yahoo contacts to Apple IOS contacts. To take all my requirements into consideration will be a longer due diligence process some of which I’ll record here.

This article says how to use google contacts as you can manage it on IOS and Android smartphones.

ElasticSearch as used by Hotelstonight



I think I understand the value of elastic search better after looking at the slides on this presentation:


It is the right high level view so I think I can finally see how elastic search would work as a solution in Healthcare.


Atrial Fibrillation detection defined


This post on 9to5mac has this response which explains a lot!

Atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response is not appropriately measured/monitored with a photoplethysmogram. The nature of atrial fibrillation is that the beats are irregular, and with a very fast rate the individual beats will not reliably perfuse the extremities, at least not to a level that can be consistently detected by an external device. It is a case of having the wrong tool for the job, rather than the tool functioning incorrectly. The best tool for the job is an implantable loop recorder–this measures continuous cardiac electrical activity (ECG) and will readily detect A-fib with RVR.