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Health records in a cube, an apple iPhone cube from the HL7 FiRH Argonaut project


This is the project that has my interest presently.

Your iPhone can become the health record cube of science fiction.

This is the vision of the apple health app. A place where google is not yet publicly competing.

Today I finally found the article about this secret apple project which might sometime involve Human using FiHR and EMR from multiple vendors.

The Argonaut Project

Some discussion about the big 5 and health care patents here


1D concert at Levi’s from afar


from the garage roof. 

It worked out fine as a free concert. The great America fireworks are annoying. 


Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina. The view and lunch. 


the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina was the opening for the new combined company Trandscend Insights a wholy owned subsidiary of Humana. 

The view for a day at the resort. Great. 

The lunch at the event. Great. Swordfish and fresh salads. 



Fingersmith the final play of the weekend


this play has a lot of plot twists and it kept you on your toes. 

It’s kind of like an 18th-century version of gone girl.

It was lon

Guys and dolls. So much fun. 


The actors had so much energy in this play. I think that I really want to see the movie with Marlon Brando after the great job they did in this presentation.

Cultural diversity mixer, we get to meet the actors 


this party on Saturday evening before the play is always fun.

This time the actors had a competition to see who could do lipsink best. 

The food was good as always. And the wine was from the wineries we take to that earlier in the day.

The mayor of talent Oregon was there and marina had a longer reception line than the mayor. 

First Shakespeare play of the weekend a modernized version of Much To Do about nothing


funny but Shakespeare is always hard for me to follow and get the jokes. 

The actors were very good.  

The Charles Shultz museum was fun for $10


Our tour guide was great.



Cirque dreams holidaze was first play of the season


Kind of an entertainment variety show.

Fun, the rope jumpers were amazing.

Music well was week.


Humana president visits Campbell office in San Jose likes the visuals he sees


Bruce spent two hours in Campell the other day.

I first ran into him as I step on the elevator to start my day he and Dave we’re going up to the fifth floor and I had a chance to give my thirty second elevator speech.

In his tour around the office a few hours later he was captivated by the visuals on the monitors in the support area.

The visuals were created by me to show the throughput and performance of our product.

It was nice to get recognized for that hard work.