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Halloween movie night


Saw two movies tonight, “Puss and Boots” and “Money Ball”. Both were good movies. I’m not sure I remember the twenty game winning streak. I had already started following soccer.



The Social Network is a great movie for black Friday.


It was a good movie as Rudy said it would be.

Sorcan writes a good script. The characters were interesting as was the music. I love the “Baby your a rich Man” ending song. Get you singing when leaving.

The move to the west coast captures why California is the promise land.

It does not answer the question why was myspace eclipsed by facebook.

Had a discussion with brother Dave.

He was critical of the movie – which he has not seen – because it was not truthful.

I said I knew going in that the movie was not a documentary but was loosely based on reality.

Alice In Wonderland – I liked this in 3D


There was lots of pluses about the new 3D IMAX more Alice In Wonderland.

It was well done. I liked that it:

1) was cast as a sequel. Many times mentioned Alice’s previous trip.

2) Characters were just fun. The Red Queen, the Mad Hatter and yes the white queen

3) The 3D effects were effective. I could have done with one less monster heading straight at the screen though.

4) Music by Avril Lavigne!

So how many Oscars will Avitar earn is the only question


IMAX and 3D for Avitar.

Saw the movie today at the Dublin IMax Theater.

Yes it was worth it. I first missed it with Bro Dave and Wirthless in Maryland, then with Gary & Katherine.

The story was good, the special effects worthy.

I did like the 3D effects. Not to pushy with the effects. Just the right amount of emphasis.

Entry for May 16, 2009 – Saw the new Star Trek movie today


Thumbs up for the new Star Trek movie.

My random comments.

I still think the Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek movie.

This one is good. Special effects are better than the others and it is well written.

I don’t like time travel in Science Fiction and this movie has time travel in it to it’s detriment.

Still want to see it in IMAX – maybe when my parents are in town.

Entry for March 09, 2007 – what is Prada anyway???


So the photo shows the setting, planning for Barrel tasting (the wine – Mazzaco Zinfandel) and a good movie on Bill’s surround sound big screen.

I can see where Meryl Steep was nominated for an Oscar here.

Anna Hathaway, the definition of shoe button eyes. In my HS class it was Darla Erickson with those same eyes.

The second movie was Traffic. Now which agent was Wirthless in the movie.