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Health records in a cube, an apple iPhone cube from the HL7 FiRH Argonaut project


This is the project that has my interest presently.

Your iPhone can become the health record cube of science fiction.

This is the vision of the apple health app. A place where google is not yet publicly competing.

Today I finally found the article about this secret apple project which might sometime involve Human using FiHR and EMR from multiple vendors.

The Argonaut Project

Some discussion about the big 5 and health care patents here


Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina. The view and lunch. 


the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina was the opening for the new combined company Trandscend Insights a wholy owned subsidiary of Humana. 

The view for a day at the resort. Great. 

The lunch at the event. Great. Swordfish and fresh salads. 



Humana president visits Campbell office in San Jose likes the visuals he sees


Bruce spent two hours in Campell the other day.

I first ran into him as I step on the elevator to start my day he and Dave we’re going up to the fifth floor and I had a chance to give my thirty second elevator speech.

In his tour around the office a few hours later he was captivated by the visuals on the monitors in the support area.

The visuals were created by me to show the throughput and performance of our product.

It was nice to get recognized for that hard work.


The small companies combine to new unnamed entity


150 people in a mandatory meeting in San Diego.

The view out my hotel room at Solamar.

The company meeting was a lot of talking heads.

The best question was “you have obviously taken on something very complicated. What can we do to help as we figure out what to do next.”



Siam Thai Sunnyvale for EC reunion


Tanay set up the event for some Thai food with Sandeep Nikhil Ed Alla Tim rich Usman and Lisa.

The discussion was great. There was a point when I thought I was on the Big Bang theory when the discussion went to how gmail was so much better than outlook. everyone was engaged in the topic.


Farewell lunch for Tom at Fault Line in Sunnyvale


I’ve not been at the fault line brewery for years.

So in this special occasion it was a great place for lunch.

I had the wheat beer with Jeff.

The turnout was huge and humbling for this last minute planned lunch.

The food was expensive. I had the fish which was good.

There must have been fifteen people there.

Thank you e everyone for coming.




Duc farewell lunch at Mexicali grill


HinG made an appearance at Duc’s farewell lunch.

I had the chicken mole enchilada which was good.

Cindy and Arron and Duke and Jeff and Kim and Matthew rounded out the group.




Shuttle fly by in Sunnyvale – viewing is right out of the big bang theory


All the engineers came out to see the space shuttle fly by over Moffet field an it’s way to southern ca to it’s permanent home.

Many of us went on the roof of electric cloud to watch the event.

Links to YouTube videos coming.



Selligy no longer stealth


Usman’s new diggs. The coming out party by the three employee company. Nilay and Brian round out the crew.


Fridays at Electric Cloud


A well stocked refrigerator at a startup.