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Mission springs pizza and beer with Paul. 


I’ve not hung out with Paul for a while.

But Paul was in the area working on the booties you purchase so we met up at Mission Pizza. 

The andromeda galaxy is remains my favorite pizza. 



Laura Carlota 20 years later pretending she still in college


we tried paper airplane in downtown San Jose.

Downtown San Jose is changed a lot in the last 10 years. 

Downtown San Jose is changed a lot in the last 10 years.

It has a sleaze factor, however there are new college type place and paper airplane looked like something to try. 

I’ll go back again as it was a fun place with accessible atmosphere. 

As a young teenager 20 years ago Laura stayed in Medford with marina and Doug to lean English. 

Sushi in Turlock 


saw this sushi place this day and decided to try it this day.

The only non-Asian employee in the place convinced me to have my favorite flying fish roe and quail egg sushi.

The sushi was okay but it sure taste good after those three soccer games.

Los Banos pulled pork sandwich


i took The long way home on Saturday from Turlock.

Went through the San Luis reservoir through the town of Los Banos. 

Found this cute little BBQ place call the hot city barbecue and bistro. The pork sandwich was excellent!


Second visit to the Rok with the God Son


drinks with Natalee and Jair and CMD. 

We started with the professors beer which came in a bottle the size of a wine bottle. 

I had the buffalo. The first time I ever tried something like that. Yes it was good!

Jair had the steak and the girls had salmon and a beef bowl. 

And the the chocolate fondue dessert was yummy. 

We could have talked for ever talking about friends and adventures. 



Dinner at la fiesta in Mountain View


Facebook said it’s been a year since we ate at la fiesta Mexican restaurant in Mountain View.

The food here is great, I had the mole chicken today. CMD had a taco combination.

Drinks and beer are colorful and cheap here here.

Drinks and beer are colorful and cheap here here here.

I hope it’s not another year until we visit here again.


Late dinner at la zarape restaurant. The official location


the top of the board was the scallop and fish tacos so I tried them and they were delicious. 

Luis Carlos talked about his research and how long he might stay in San Diego. He had a burrito. 

Silvia is looking to house sit or care give for a few years. I forget what she ordered. 



Balboa park happy hour at the prado restaurant


After a walk around looking a buildings and street magicians and a easy going Sunday afternoon crowd. Silvia and I stopped for drinks at the prado restaurant bar area. 

Silvia had a corona and I tried the not fruity enough savioung blanc. My second glass of wine was a much better Pinot noir. 



The Rok in San Jose for dinner 


ah it was a hot rock and meat event. 

This is a fairly fancy restaurant with a great way of serving meat. Tonight it was beef and chicken. 

The desert was tasty. Chocolate fondue. 



Asia pearl for dim sum


it was a father and son Sunday brunch is dum sum at Asia pearl in Fremont. 

Rudy got to visit with DMK and Paul and I got to talk whatever Paul wanted to talk about. 

The steamed pork buns were good as was the haukou and sumou. 

The specialty items Paul ordered didn’t work out well.