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Paul has his 60th


it started as a simple night out for drinks.

But I realized on the conversation that Paul was having a nice event. 

It was his 60th birthday so we made a night of it.

We started with drinks at the yard house while watching the US women play France.

We had pizza and wine. The wine was special turley. 

Afterwards we had dessert with DMK.

Crème brûlée macaroon and a chocolate cake. 





Barrel tastine in Healdsburg day two


We start the day with breakfast and a great group picture. 

We tried Russian hill to start but they were not pertipating so we moved on after taking photos. With Dora and earl. 

New winery ? Where we had a nice lunch

The fire truck winery hook and ladder that was formally owned by the delorne winery where I retuned to purchase a mystery wine. 

Quevera the fine wine 

Sunce where they ad fine steak bangers. And I got to talk with the wine professor who had usa national team player Alex Morgan in his class in Berkeley 

I tried fog line by myself. There Pinot line up was tastable for a new winery pick. 



Barrel tasting in Healdsburg day one


it was a Saturday barrel tasting event after a night stay in  Windsor. 

Radiux to pick up the wine glass

Holdride to taste the first set of zins 

Kokomo for some nice reds and Land of wedgies and rompers. 

Dutcher crossing because I’m a member. 

Kachina a small only open on barrel tasting

Chatou Diana for more Land of wedgies and rompers

The ?? For the Slavic wine maker. 

Ending at Selbys 



Oregon wine tasting


we stopped off at two Oregon Valley Southern Oregon winery.

The first Haddow wine call druids fluid the winery name was Troone. 

The second winery was Woodridge which overlooking the valley. we had a long conversation there while eating yellow gold fished. 

Saturday winery tour near Windsor


Stopped off at a few wineries south of Windsor.
The first was Russian Hill winery. The house by Russian Hill winery is a reproduction of the plantation Tara From gone with the wind.

The Pinot in the picture is one of the best I’ve tried.



The second winery is Robert Rue.

A small family run winery. We got to meet the family were the only people in the winery that day. Wines for average for a Sonoma wine country wine.


Ruby hill winery in Livermore for investment advice.


Investment event tonight at Ruby Hill winery. Very nice venue. The presenter, Christian, was Italian. If you want to understand debt, being Italian is a very good start as by some measures they have the third largest national debt in the world. And the meal and the wine (Chardonnay and Cabernet)? delicious!

It seems one of the privileges of participating in a brokerage firms manages funds is to get investment advice over dinner. This time at ruby hill winery in Livermore.

Dinner was surf and turf.

The estate is beautiful. The wine was ok but not great.



Wine tasting in paso Robles.


Ah yes. A stop at turley. Great wine!

Second stop was Venteaux stop. A great ma and pa winery.

Last stop was tolo an e en smaller ma and pa place.

Justin was closed. 😩



Harry and a hawk. Winery tasting in healdsburg


Harry and Lisa are in the wine country.

We started at de Lamaur for CMD wine pickup.

Then to Hanna for sauviougn blanc

Then to soda rock.

Then to hawley where the owner is a falconer. Yes. Harry and a hawk.



The Never Ending Birthday part 6


This was a boys only event set up by Wirthless.

Chris P and I joined Dan for a day in the wine country (Dry Creek)

We stopped at Selby first and bought two cases of wine.

After lunch at Big Johns grocery store we hit the following wineries:

Dry Creek Vineyards

David Coffaro was close so we headed down the street to …

Chateau Diana

Hawley were Dan renewed his relationship with lady server who did kinda remember him.

sep2014 290

sep2014 294

sep2014 295

A day in the wine country for three boys


Wirthless was in town and want to go to the wine country.

Chris and I played hooky and took off to go to Drycreek for the day.

First stop was Selby were I bought some cases of wine.

Then lunch at big John’s.

We next went to dry Creek Vineyards.

Tasted at the new winery dahlias.

And finished at the organic winery Hawley where Dan told another bear story.