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With only my cell phone and some
Change in hand made the trip from Santana row to Hayward by public transportation. gave me better route and directions than google maps.



Carol Bartz of Yahoo gets her grips in on this video


The CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, swearing in a public interview?

Wow. Posting here so I can look at it later. It is an old interview posted back in May of 2011.

Peacekeeper web browser performance monitor


So how do you tell how well your browser performs? Peacekeeper!

Not sure how it keeps the peace but it is fun and fascinating to try.

Wasn’t it Regan that had the peacekeeper missile?

I tried it on my work computer and got these numbers:

IE9: 4982

Firefox 6.0: 4294

Firefox 5.0: 4117

California Gurls invade PA. you have to be from PA to appreciate this video


I’ve been spending too much time on Youtube.

ParadiesĀ of California Gurls abound.

You’ve got to be from PA to appreciate this video.