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The tragic end to the great life of Timothy Lickty


Cousin Tim. We miss you.

Jane and children we try and comfort you.

Aunt toots and Kenny, May you find comfort in your family.


How’s it going Mom


I stopped by to say hi to Mom.

Dad had placed two flowers there.

Interesting how the lichens prefer to grow in the crevices of the granite.


Tom Denny we love you


Tom you were a great fun loving man.

Everyone has a Tom story. Some extravagant, mine more subtle.

Pick one. The night he invited me to dinner at Diane’s house and we watched a football game.

Or the night he invite me to his fifty birthday party at spin a yarn.

Or the trip to Mexico to build houses.

My first connection with Tom? I was his assistant soccer coach with DMK.

Kyle, Tom, Amy, Kim, your tributes to you Dad were so moving. You guys are amazing.

The wake will continue late into the night at the Padillas.




Agape grill dinner on the night Bill Hackney passes


Bill Hackney had a good life. He enjoyed his salt food and wine a bunch of grandchildren and a touch of politics for spice.

Bill’s lungs stopped absorbing enough oxygen today to keep him alive today and he expired today.

Bob and Margaret and Suzie and Craig and CMD and I had a quick memorial dinner tonight to share our memories of Bill.

Our favorite waitress Suzie was on duty and served us grape leaves and lamb wrap and eventually dessert.


The passing of referee Joseph Omojare


Today there was a terrible event and in strange way an amazing event. The merciful part was Joseph had absolutely no suffering. The amazing part was how the community, fans in the stands, players afterwards in prayer and referees before their matches on Monday came together to support and honor Joseph.

You never know when is your last match as a referee.

Always smile and have a good time with any referee you work with.

Joseph bless his soul passes today after collapsing on the field in the 23rd minute of the last Sunday match of the day at the San Francisco Cup.

Joseph is on my right in this picture from an earlier match. Alex Canrea the other AR and I had an experience neither of us ever wanted to have.

I had a great last match with him. Joking and laughing about the boys and the calls we made and the fireworks later that night.

On Monday night June 4th at 7PM, EBISOA is going to have a memorial service for Joseph,

The location is:

Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church 3534 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, CA (Lakeshore and Mandana)

Please bring your memories with you and share your life with Joseph with all of us. We hope many of you will be able to attend.

Joseph is a smiling good-natured referee as the below picture shows.


Honoring 9/11, the flight 93 memorial in Union City


On Sunday I stopped at the Union City california memorial to United flight 93.

It was the first I had been there. A very appropriate memorial.

I paid my respects to just some of the heroes of that day that made the best they cold of the hand delivered them.

I ran into Paul B and his daughter Stephanie at the memorial. In the modern sense we of course Facebooked each other.



Tad Labre, one hell of a guy


Anyone who new Tad got along with him. The was a large turn out at the Presbyterian church in Livermore.

There was church wine, well wine made by Tad. A nice touch I thought. The church lady deserts were excellent.




Jerry has a terrible accident


We had a friend coming in from the cold.

Raided our food.

The trap was set and Jerry meet his fate. No picture of the first Jerry, here is the second.

Jim Zackrone memorial event at Spin a Yarn


It was a throw back to times past.

Drinks with Zackrone at Spin a Yarn – but now no Jim.

This was a well attended event of Semiconductor people and relatives – maybe 100 people.

Everyone had bad things to say about the Semiconductor industry. As in it sure sucks in ATE.

Debbie A did a great job contacting people to attend.

The Jim memorial pictures were great and mostly involved boating.

Lois Kendig, in memory


Mom passed on yesterday.

I’m heading back to PA for services. is where I’ve been blogging lately.

viewing outside final 2