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Declan turns one


stoppedby at Chris and TRK on Declan’s first birthday. 

He is nearly walking. 

I gave him his dinosaur birthday card and had a wonderful meal there for dinner. 

Lynn getting ready for the celebration also. 

Watching the Warriors win in overtime. Priceless. 



The best weekend


The best weekend is not always the perfect weekend.

Here are a list of things that made this the best weekend. 

1) sushi at a new restaurant

2) officiating at eight soccer matches. These were in Ripon. 

3) watching the earthquakes play at their new stadium and they one!

4) putting the grandson to bed

5) helping Chris get the porcelain fixture working. 

6) dmk and dtk together on the road in Belfast. 

Life couldn’t be better. And I couldn’t be tireder. That good tired that lets you know that you were busy. And I love it. 

Paul has his 60th


it started as a simple night out for drinks.

But I realized on the conversation that Paul was having a nice event. 

It was his 60th birthday so we made a night of it.

We started with drinks at the yard house while watching the US women play France.

We had pizza and wine. The wine was special turley. 

Afterwards we had dessert with DMK.

Crème brûlée macaroon and a chocolate cake. 




How to make a better me


One of my limitations at my last job was my inability to get cases closed.

I worked hard but the company thought I was not effective in getting the job done in that I could not answer the case questions without relying on other people.

The Never Ending Birthday part 7


And finally Dinner with Wirthless and Chris and a new restaurant in an old spot.

Bravas Bar de Tapas was a great place originally recommended by Tyler at Selby winery earlier in the day.

sep2014 298

sep2014 303

The Never Ending Birthday part 6


This was a boys only event set up by Wirthless.

Chris P and I joined Dan for a day in the wine country (Dry Creek)

We stopped at Selby first and bought two cases of wine.

After lunch at Big Johns grocery store we hit the following wineries:

Dry Creek Vineyards

David Coffaro was close so we headed down the street to …

Chateau Diana

Hawley were Dan renewed his relationship with lady server who did kinda remember him.

sep2014 290

sep2014 294

sep2014 295

The Never Ending Birthday part 5


This was the Quakes vs Galaxy match. 12 tickets plus me!

It was a noon game on a hot day.

Donovan was serving a yellow card accumulation suspension so we did not get to see him.

There was some tension on the field which made it a good game for us soccer affectionatos.

Keene and Zanie and Gonzales provided lots of entertainment.

sep2014 277 sep2014 281

The Never Ending Birthday part 4


This was Breakfast at CMD on Sunday Morning.

We had plenty of food including – was it called “Eggs from Hell”? Poached eggs in hot salsa.

The never ending Birthday Part 3


This was the main even. Dinner at my favorite restaurant, Banana Leaf in Milpitas.
It was a surprise in that I did not know the restaurant beforehand nor who would be attending.
The wine was great! The company was better!
Jackie was the restaurant host, our friend at the restaurant for the last 11 years.
The food was the best, starting with the Roti.

The second surprise was the asian lady at the next table celebrating her 60th birthday also. We shared a saki shot together.

Let’s see if I can get the guest list:
Maggie and Megan
Gary and Kathryn W
John and Debbie K
Randy and Edie E
Mark and Suzanne L
Natalee M
Doug and Marina and Carmen K
David K
Jay K
Cathy D (CMD)
Craig and Susie M
Chris and Tara (TRK) P with Declan!
Dillon K (DTK)
Dustin K (DMK)
Dan W
And yours truly – TEK

The Never Ending Birthday part 2


This was a Korean dinner at a new fashionable place.

CMD was distracted by texting during the meal.

Later I found out why.

Jay and David were at CMD’s house when we got back.

sep2014 247