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Tom N has his last college match


Michael H was the middle on this last college match of tom’s career. 

Tom will still do high school matches. 

Thanks for the mentoring Tom!



Matches in San Ramon


i got to work with nick in the u19B final. Great game and nick did a great job. 

I worked the u16 boys final after that. Not as great a game however I had a lot of fun. 

Women’s World Cup, the view from Keri. 


Great quotes from Keri sietz from her trainer experience. 

Bottom analysis is Julie Johnston should have been sent off for a Dogso. 

Wow. That would have changed the whole World Cup. She would not have played in the final. 


Did the right team win? USA vs Germany. 


I’ve become a fan of Julie Johnston. I agree with Alexi Lalas that she is the player of the tournament for the USA  She is the player that keeps the USA back line solid and she can attack too!   But now the USA is playing Germany and she is the next to last defender when she pulls the Germany attacker down in the box.  Johnston must be sent if.  But wait. The referee is cautioning her. Why?  

You play a lot of baseball games to get to the point of this event


the game goes to extra innings. I was up with two outs and a runner on third. 

A walk off single under the first baseman’s glove sealed the victory. 

It was a good day. Now if only the Warriors can win tomorrow. 

Pizza afterwords is always a good idea.  


It’s Saturday and it is state cup quarterfinals and I finally get a good game


what makes a good soccer game when your referee?

You wanted to mean something to the players.

The players have to be good enough to try things to gain advantage so that they will push the limits of the game.

And this process must create some conflict on the field that the referee helps moderate. 

That you 15 boys match between two Latino teens met all of these criteria.

Steve and Bob were part of my referee team and they gave me just a little support I needed.

The highlights of the match.

A tactical

The highlights of the match.
A tactical file called early on when the player raised his arms for Handley on the cross in the box. This early misconduct became important later in the match. 

It was lots of touching and sliding in contacts and the boys didn’t like when they contact. 

This is typical Latin style and it is difficult to manage. 

Call shouldn’t start to appear for contact with the keeper but for both ends. 

Shenanigans occur in the middle of the field on ceremonial restarts. Resulting in more cautions. 

 I receive reports of players changing jersey numbers during the match. 

I disallow a penalty kick take because of too long a stop on a stutterstep kick.  I had to check if I got the resort right on that one. 

 There is lots of contact off the ball. 

It’s near the end of the game with the one to nothing score. 

The player goes in hard and Poppins the opponent the classic gyration for misconduct. 

It’s the same player that had the tactical handling at the beginning of the game. 

His team now please down and scored to tie the match. 

The match goes to kicks from the Mark and the team with 10 players prevails. 

 It was a great game. 

This photo is Alex and Oscar from the previous match are you 19 girls middle.  It’s own story. But not as good. 


Sometimes you get a great game, NorCal state cup in Turlock


Some NorCal matches are uneven components like the ones I had yesterday. 

Today’s match meant something. It was boys. And it was a great match. 

Allen and Oscar were just enough team help. 

With a 1-2 score there was a comeback 3-2 final score. 

The next u19 girls match went to penalties however it was a less interesting match. 


State cup quarterfinals in Turlock


oscar and Matt were great help on a testy but easy u15 girls match. 

The match was fun. 


MVLA Spring league starts


this was a good under 15 boys game. 

Lots of energy on the field a couple of key calls to let the boys know that they could play safely and then the game got exciting with the pony cake two minutes from the end of regulation on a handball. 

Sean and Bob were good support making it easy for me the center to get the most all the calls correct. 


Day three On blackcomb glacier


The third day was probably the best day skiing.

The conditions were sunny and runs were groomed.