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You play a lot of baseball games to get to the point of this event


the game goes to extra innings. I was up with two outs and a runner on third. 

A walk off single under the first baseman’s glove sealed the victory. 

It was a good day. Now if only the Warriors can win tomorrow. 

Pizza afterwords is always a good idea.  


Ice skating in Christmas village in down town San Jose


Got the old ice skates out and headed down town to help some young people with their first skating experience.

After a couple of rounds I hade my old skating legs back. No falls!

Rebeca and Zander and Greg and Diane were the adults.



The Giants win the Pennant.


Game 7 of the World Series.

I meet DMK at St. John’s where it was half price burger night.

The place was packed and as the innings progresses became standing room only.

Bumgarner in at the end of the game was historic.

We all chanted “let’s go Giants”. With two outs in the 9th and the outfielder boots the ball! Just a little bit of excitement there.


Church league softball championship as the pitcher


I had a great time pitching.

We lost 15 to 9.

Thanks team for a great season.


Playoff victory in the bottom of the seventh


We trailed most of the game.

We had a bases loaded infield fly rule dropped ball !

My pitching did help keep us in the game. My batting did not.

Martha scored the winning run with two out in the bottom of the seventh.


Yes there is still softball on Monday night.


We played the team in the league tonight and easily bear them by double there runs.

One injury. Norm was hit by a batted ball. I came in and with one pitch retires the side.

We had fun though and pizza and beer afterwords.


Father’s Day event the Oakland A’s


It was Declan’s big outing on Father’s Day

Adam and Rebecca bought Charlie to his first A’s game.

Leigh and Lynn joined us and shared in the baby holding duty.




Softball this season is going smoothly. Third win in a row.


The church coed softball team is doing swimmingly this year.

I’m very relaxed as the head pitcher on the competitive team this year.

This photo is from second base after had a double.


Riding till 11 o’clock on the streets of San Jose


Is the attraction? why are all these people riding their bicycles on the street after dark?

Rudy and Maggie joined in with the people who live in Leontine court for the end of the ride.

Lots of food trucks.

What is attractive about the event is that it is not commercial. People are doing it for fun.


SF giants Renesance luxury box


Some days you are lucky. CMD invited me to go along to the ATT park giants game in the renaissance luxury box.

Good food. I choose the pulled pork sandwich.

They had a pre game wine tasting. Dry creek vineyards. Sabraga and Mumms sparkling.

First pitch with the new iPhone 5s.

Giants won against San Diego.

Thank you Roger and Vicki!