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Day three On blackcomb glacier


The third day was probably the best day skiing.

The conditions were sunny and runs were groomed. 

Sking day two blackcomb the blow hole and the glacier. 


Yes I got the ski the blowhole the second day at the top of blackcomb glacier. 

Thanks Frank and DMK for the pictures.

Day one skiing at whistler


first day concentrated on the whistler side. 

No snow for weeks but at the top there was enought snow to have a little fun on the eye of the needle. 

First high school varsity match of the season


Jailing Francisco completed the team on this varsity girls match to start the high school season.


Skiing Copper Mt on Saint Paddies day


Another great day skiing. Today is on Copper Mountain.

Powder on the top and In the bowls in the morning. Snowed us out early about 3pm.

DTK’s birthday is today. We had one great run around 11 AM from the very top of the mountain through powder in the trees to the base.



Skiing winter park, well really Mary Jane


Drove to Colorado to ski with DTK. First day was winter park. Good conditions.

DTK is a much better boarder than I remembered.

Great day skiing.



Whistler Backcomb day two. More great sun and snow


Day two on the mountain started out fine, then a slight wrinkle. The Whistler symphony bowl chair did not work and Doug and I had to hike 1.2 KM out to harmony lift to continue the day.

At the end of the day I skied out the Blackcomb glacier. I took a pretty difficult turn at one time and had a difficult time heading down a steep head wall. I private ski instructor took his group down after me and behind me. His group had no trouble heading of the steep face I had just inched down.




Whistler then Blackcomb on day one


Great conditions with over 120cm of new snow!

Colleen fell and caught her thumb under her ski and broke it on the first run. Dr Nelson the mountain orthopedist for the day gave her a splint and that ended Colleens day.

I ended the day on Blackcomb sking just great runs on shower lines. The early Saturday lines were record ing.

A bunch of pictures from this picture prefect day





Whistler arrival starts with pinochle


Rain all the way from Seattle. Rain in whistler village means snow on the mountain! 120 centimeters!

Doug and Colleen and Irene take up pinochle to wind down after the ride up in the rain.

This condo is amazing!


Entry for January 02, 2009 – skiing at Mt Shasta with Mark, Irene, Andres and Doug


Had a great day skiing at Mt Shasta.

First time I skied there. Three not detachable lifts.

There was a small base of like two feet with about 3 to 4 inches on the top of powder so it was OK skiing. The weather was nice. So we all had a good time, got tired came back for a great meal.