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Did the right team win? USA vs Germany. 


I’ve become a fan of Julie Johnston. I agree with Alexi Lalas that she is the player of the tournament for the USA  She is the player that keeps the USA back line solid and she can attack too!   But now the USA is playing Germany and she is the next to last defender when she pulls the Germany attacker down in the box.  Johnston must be sent if.  But wait. The referee is cautioning her. Why?  


JC college match was a blow out.


Manny did an excellent job in the middle. Gosh that guy is in shape.

I had a ton of offside to call. Mufaro had somewhat fewer calls at the other end of the field.


It’s always better when the home town wins. Quakes loss 2-1


Brendan and Letitia join me for the next to last home game for the quakes.

Two footed tackle deserved a red card. And the quakes lost 2-1.


The Never Ending Birthday part 5


This was the Quakes vs Galaxy match. 12 tickets plus me!

It was a noon game on a hot day.

Donovan was serving a yellow card accumulation suspension so we did not get to see him.

There was some tension on the field which made it a good game for us soccer affectionatos.

Keene and Zanie and Gonzales provided lots of entertainment.

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Quakes beat Seattle on this Levi stadium opener with Declan


What makes this a big event?

Last place quakes beat the first place sounders.

Declan’s first professional soccer match.

Family! DMK, TRK, Chris and Declan.

Levi stadium debut.

Good but expensive food.

Parking close to stadium.







Quakes beat Chicago in one of their better matches


This was a fun soccer game. Five different quakes scored five different goals.

Saeed joined me as a guest. Our discussion focus was 2014 World Cup review.

I picked him up at his project to help elderly people in Santa Clara. It’s a very nice facility.


Best moments of the 2014 World Cup


Germany destroying Brazil awesome

Netherlands destroying Spain awesome

Stoppage time goals, many of them.

Including the Swiss goal on the advantage each call against Nigeria

And Roldonado assist against the United States

Three great goalie performances

Ochoa against Brazil
Howard against Belgium
The Dutch sub of the keeper for kicks from the Mark

Best new player of the tournament James Rodrigues.

Most disturbing play of the tournament the German player with a concussion That was allowed to continue play in the final


Chili’s in Milpitas for USA vs Belgium


Manny, a Belgian saved us all a table in the middle of chili’s.

Abdy and his son Amin and girlfriend Marigold arrive with a group of 3 other boys and the about three other business associates of abdy arrived.

We saddled in for the ride.

The USA goal keeper got a save. People cheered. Howard saved. They gasped. Timmy saved. Wondo misses. TH saves. Kevin scored. Manny went wild. Green scores and a glimmer of hope returned. The game ended and we all agreed it was a great event!

Most of us were bummed. Manny had finished an entire bottle if cabernet sauvengoug himself. He was smiling, buzzed and content.

Quite an event all said.



Quakes loose to the Galexy on a beautiful Saturday night at Stanford stadium


DMK joined me for this loss.

Goodson came up lame just before the start. Very disappointing.

Donovan walking in the field durning dynamic play. A poor memory for me since I am a fan of his. He just is not what he was.

The pre show. Amazing! With the flag hang gliding in.

The fire works afterwords were some of the best I’ve seen in a ling while.




Usamnt goes through to the round of 16 at breakfast time


Off to play Belgium after this one goal loss vs Germany.

Wild bill cooked breakfast and tolerated my comments.

Mullers goal was great soccer.

Terrible venue in the rain.

Still waiting for Bradley to show up. The key to the USA success.

I watches the game a second time that night and USA looked better on the second viewing.