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Over a year later, how do I use the Apple Watch?


It interesting how my heart doctor will not recommend the Apple Watch as it is not a medical device however she will look at the medical data it collects for trends in her office.

As far as the ecg feature, my doctor challenged the quality of the single poll ecg. However her comment was the most valuable ecg would be doing an afib event.

Things used in order of frequency

Passive use:

  1. heart rate monitor
  2. activity monitor of movement, exercise and standing

Active use:

  1. GPS during running and soccer matches to track distance and speed rates
  2. stopwatch when officiating a soccer match. On the same watch I use a count down and count up timers
  3. screening phone, txt and email messages to see if I should pick of the iphone to respond
  4. Apple pay. I’m trying using Apple Pay Cash only on the watch which is discover and often declined so I use American Express on the iphone for the none discover transactions.
  5. Event tickets including Earthquakes and concerts.
  6. quick date reference and hand clock device

Sometime uses:

  1. finding the location of my iphone
  2. map directions so I don’t have to look at or usemy iphone

Liabilities of the apple watch:

  1. I have to charge it every day.

Linksys is the recommendation for a wireless router


they don’t have to match The existing tp-link ac-1750

it’s a preference

[‎12/‎4/‎2018 2:01 PM]  John Carrillo:

i like number 4

so just go Linksys all the way? with the RE6500 AC21200 extender? yup.

iPhone XS to replace ghosting iPhoneX


Made the purchase tonight, an iPhone XS 256K version just a couple of days short of my iPhone X purchase a year ago. Actually it was at lease through the apple program and I got the apple care plus.

If you need a VPN on your wifi network at home


Simplest OpenVPN setup and configuration, designed for Raspberry Pi.

Have to be somewhat technical to set this up and somewhat paranoid also.

Git reading material and init, clone and checkout



Simplest introduction:

GUI branching model explained:

Command line branching model explained with example commands:

From the commandline – this is the sequence on a new computer to do work on a git repository.

git init #start out as a git repository

unset SSH_ASKPASS #this has to be cleared for the following command to work.

git clone

git checkout –orphan gh-pages

Health records in a cube, an apple iPhone cube from the HL7 FiRH Argonaut project


This is the project that has my interest presently.

Your iPhone can become the health record cube of science fiction.

This is the vision of the apple health app. A place where google is not yet publicly competing.

Today I finally found the article about this secret apple project which might sometime involve Human using FiHR and EMR from multiple vendors.

The Argonaut Project

Some discussion about the big 5 and health care patents here

Which is the best Apple Watch running app


I’ve been having difficulty picking which running app I want to use on the Apple Watch.

Here are two quotes showing why there is such a difference in apps from this article.

  1. “For apps like podcast players, creating a truly first class experience isn’t possible today due to limited developer resources — Apple’s apps have more privileges than third party apps”
  2. “watchOS app updates must be native starting this week which means we’ll likely see a lot of older Apple Watch apps disappear with future iPhone app updates starting now. Instagram for Apple Watch was built during the original cycle of WatchKit 1.0 apps where functionality relied completely on the paired iPhone.”

Here is my current order of preference and why. All the below apps show in the iPhone “Activity” app described here

  1. Workout app from Apple – not sophisticated but always works, limited statistics
  2. Strava works great on the Apple watch with or without the iPhone. It does the mashup with maps well to show coverage and show some simple statistics. However it takes over the watch face during soccer matches and doesn’t seem to work with the heart beat detector built into the app watch face.
  3. Nike+ came with my iWatch model – OK, but I can’t get the app totally silent so I can use it on the soccer pitch. Works fine without the iPhone and when I’m doing a regular jog.
  4. Runtastic – fails when not in range of cell phone however I like the stats. I don’t think this guy is native iWatch app.
  5. Moves – passive movement tracker – not on Apple watch only on the iPhone.

Three reasons to go with an iPhone X i.e. why not just go with an iPhone 8?

  1. The oled screen makes you photos look fantastic.
  2. It takes 4K video!
  3. The front facing infrared technology has a lot of abilities. More than just faceid.
  4. The back camera is now better suited for landscape photos.

I’ll post more after the phone arrives.

iPhone X ordered today


Very expensive phone. Hope I like it.

First wrist watch in 10 years is an Apple Watch.


Apple Watch for three reasons:

  1. I needed a digital watch to use during my officiating. It turns out iWatch is popular among referees.
  2. It takes your heart beat! I’m using the app Cardiogram to get cool 24 hour graphs of my heart beat.
  3. I can follow txts and phone calls without taking my phone out of my pocket.

Bonus is using the wallet on the watch to get into quakes games from my wrist.

Bought at mothers day discount on Friday, May 12 at Best Buy.