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Health records in a cube, an apple iPhone cube from the HL7 FiRH Argonaut project


This is the project that has my interest presently.

Your iPhone can become the health record cube of science fiction.

This is the vision of the apple health app. A place where google is not yet publicly competing.

Today I finally found the article about this secret apple project which might sometime involve Human using FiHR and EMR from multiple vendors.

The Argonaut Project

Some discussion about the big 5 and health care patents here


Swift in a browser


So cool. Now anyone can program in a browser in swift!

Swift in a Browser

Another payoff of the IBM partnership with Apple.

Why facetime audio is so much better than making a mobile carrier phone call


I kept struggling to figure out why technically facetime audio is so much better that making a Mobile phone call.

At last I found the explanation.

AAC-ELD audio protocol an AAC-LD based technology.


FaceTime Audio: The Beginning or The End?

I can’t understand my Dad on mobile however on facetime audio he is very clear.

Trying out Google photos, the remnant of Google+


it’s a trade off. 

The stories are nice and shareable. 

The face recognition works at many levels. I’ve found a couple of miss placed faces however there are more finds than miss identifications. 

So with all those photos Google gleans from cookies when my photo types are browsed by me or others that I have given access. › 2015/05/31 › uh-o…

Read Philip Dewitt article for more background. 

Modern times in mobile phones and finance.


I had my annual financial check up with my financial advisor today and things just kinda clicked on several technology fronts.

During the meeting I had to gain access to several financial resources.

I brought out my iPhone 6 and thought – how can I get access to that account?

Lastpass? Well yes. Brought up lastpass and it now accepts finger print on the iPhone and viola I’m on my way.

I was able to complete the transaction there in my financial advisors office from my iPhone. It was such a conscience moment.

Prior to this I would have been asked to complete the paper work at home and it probable would have never got done ! Thank you iPhone 6!

Panera bread is the first location for my first apple pay use


I got Apple pay set up on my iPhone last night.

I was in the future and the process was simple.

I ordered a sandwich at the counter.


Placed my phone over top of the NFC reader.

The phone automatically shoot to charge and asked me to place my finger on the fingerprint recognition.

I did so and the sandwich was paid for.

As I sat at the table waiting for the sandwich to be delivered I checked my bank account.

The complete charge already showed on my card as a transaction.


iPhone 6 arrived on opening day


Yep it’s here.

There are no instructions with it. They are all on the phone.

DMK and I got the same silver model.

And wait to use the NFC.


What I miss when I traded my iPhone 5s for an iPhone 4S


These are all obvious but here goes:

1) Fingerprint recognition’s convenience.

2) LTE’s speed

3) Cameras photo quality – speed of focus, speed of capture

4) A7 processor speed – all apps are faster and more responsive

I get the upgrade to iPhone 6 in two months

Oh yes and the extra memory in the iPhone 5s was worth it.

How one Mac professional handles family photos


I follow apple 2.0 blog by PED.

Recently he wrote an article about how photos are being handled by the iCloud.

And compares the iCloud to two other services, googles and Amazon.

He uses a three backup system

One in the cloud
Two in a backup disk
Three and a backup of the backup disk

You can read the details at: “Apples iCloud, the great photo shoebox in the sky

Technical way to save battery on an iPhone


12 way to cut battery consumption on an iPhone in an emergency or is desperation.