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9 bad thought processes and how they effect your happiness


I stumbled upon this article which does a great job of describing how happiness is often a choice and the consequences of not choosing happiness path.


CMS gives you access to your medical data since 2014, the Blue Button 2.0 on FHIR initiative


I first watched a video that set the stage for what is Blue Button and what it’s capabilities are set expectations.

Now to the process for you to follow for you or in this case for my Dad 🙂

  1. Sign up for Medicare which will give you a Medicare ID.
  2. Create (or recover) your online Medicare account at
  3. “for users with Apple iPhones, iBlueButton can pull medications and conditions from user’s records available through the Apple Health App. From the Summary Record, tap on the “Update Records” icon in the lower-left hand corner (the semi-circle with arrow icon), and you will see “Apple Health app” as one of the sources to receive health information from. Select it and tap Update and iBlueButton will pull in medications and conditions from your health records available via the Apple Health app.” are the instructions from

P.S. I love the story of anaesthesiologist Dr. Fred, an iPhone advocate for dozens of years, traveling the world applying his trade. At a social event the conversation wondered to the apple health app. I mentioned how I love how the Apple Health App used FHIR to aggregate all my health information from my healthcare provider on my phone. He seemed unfamiliar. I said here, it looks like this and brought up the health application on my phone and showed the integration.

At that point I lost him. Dr. Fred pulled out his iPhone and furiously started pecking away. I could not get his attention. He put his iPhone on the table and bolted for the door. “I’ll be right back” he said. He came back from his car with his medical ID and within another minute or two had his medical data synced with the Apple Health App.

Now, with his attention slightly back I asked him how he, as a doctor, dealt with this for himself on his travels. He explained he had in the notes application on his iPhone an entry with all the information he, as a Doctor, want another Doctor to know about him when he was being treated. My impression was the Apple Health App had just replaced some if not all of that notes file.

The worst and best and most interesting things of the year


We will go with the worst of 2018 first…..

  1. Not enough 4K content. I did not watch any world cup matches in 4K because you have to watch using googleTv on a 4k chromcast.

The best of 2018…….

  1. Podcasts. I got into them this year. Favorites are On the Media, Freakanomics, Radiolabs
  2. Group FaceTime just for the convince of it.
  3. Me understanding that bitcoin is not worth my time. Block chaining my be of some value in the future.

And the most interesting things of 2018….

  1. As a weak entry, iPhoneXs

How the 100 year history of the merchants of attention and the lessons of the Apprentice lead to and ended in a trump presidency


Shanker Vedantam’s hidden brain explains the source of the American subconscious that developed from the merchants of attention and leads to a trump as president.

Give it a listen.

The worst and best and most interesting things of the year


We will go with the worst of 2017 first…..

  1. The USA 🇺🇸 failed to qualify for the World Cup. Neither did my beloved Italy 🇮🇹 and Sweden 🇸🇪 did not qualify either.

The best of 2017…….

  1. this was the year of the home response appliance. Baking – “hey siri, set a timer for 10 min” or “ok google play kqed” or “ok google, what are the instructions to make a pecan pie”. This is the first step of AI in the House.
  2. The OLED display now included on iPhone X
  3. On the body biometric device are rapidly maturing. The iWatch is my favorite and yes I acquired one this year.
  4. 4K television – in preparation for the world cup of course.

And the most interesting things of 2017….

  1. Who would have guessed how many careers would have been brought down by sexual harassment.
  2. The beginning of the end of thumb typing. Just hit the little microphone and talk to get text.
  3. Blockchainning. time to learn it. Time to use it.

My notes on getting a same day passport in SF


The USA department of State has its act together here. Here are my notes on getting a same day or same week passport at the SF federal building.

1 – follow the web sites professionally done web site instructions.

2 – have the complete package in the envelope with ID and money for the trip to SF.

3 – the first goal is to get a number pass from the guard in the door. This is the same day walkin line.

4 – the guard eventually calls your number for entrance in the paper work check line.

5 – if you pass the paperwork hurdle you will be give an appointment number for that day.

6 – if you cannot prove you need the passport for the next day you will not be able to pick up the new passport until anytime after the next day after 3:30 pm.

7 – payment, I used Apple Pay!  For the agent I had she said I was the first person she had seen processed using Apple Pay on the state department credit card machines.

8 – you can get obtain at the point you are still at the window an authorization for a third party to pick up your passport on that future date when it is available.

All in all, what I read with the yelp reviews proved true, that said this was a much less painful experience than I thought it was going to be. Unlike that painful experience of going to the DMV.

Another beautiful day in San Francisco


Went by Beach chalet for sunset drinks. It was a beautiful sunset lighting up the sunset District of San Francisco.


That fox ain’t dead yet


It was a post rain storm 2am drive back from the Philly airport to Strasburg.

The fox jumped out in front of the car and thud. Got whacked.

I didn’t want to leave it to get smushed on the road.

I grabbed its tail to pull the fox off the road and it sprung to life.

It limped and hobbled off the road and into the tall grass at the side of the road.


twitter mash up with android and iphone tweets


twitter mash up with android and iphone tweets

You can locate Sight and Sound just north of Strasburg by the location of the tweets.

You can also see Lampeter Strasburg HS as a location of many tweets.

No tweets from Edisonville Road. I’ll have to change that :-).

P.S. I say over half the tweets from Strasburg are iPhone.


Join the Goat Farm Republic!


Looking for something to do this summer?

How about hang out on the Goat Farm Republic for a couple of months, only $250 per month.

Theo you’re always in to something.